KWE utilizes UFS ( a core global integration system ) to improve operational efficiency, and in addition to provide shipment tracking updates to the customers with CSS.


System for Customers

Customer Service System (CSS)

 This is a client dedicated shipment tracking system available online.


Unified Warehouse System View (UWS View)

 Inventory search is available on global basis.


Operational Systems

Unified Freight System (UFS)

 This system is a comprehensive forwarding system that encompasses all freight transported within the entire KWE group.


Unified Warehouse System (UWS)

 This system provides warehouse management and distribution.


Shipping Documentation System (SDS)

 This system creates documents for customs.



 This system allows data exchange between KWE and the customers, receiving including ship order, invoice/packing list from the customers and sending shipping advice, inventory to the customers.


UFS Roll out countries