KWE, as an NVOCC (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier), also performs sea freight services. KWE provides a wide range of sea freight that include not only LCL and FCL provision but also arrangement of cargo transport by conventional ships.

 The underlying strength of KWE sea freight services is its ability to provide a comprehensive range of services equal to its air freight forwarding operations. KWE handles a wide range of cargo for a variety of industries including everything from raw materials, general cargo for mass merchandise outlets, electronic components and various equipment and machinery.

 Recently KWE has further expanded its range of one-stop transport services by the provision of a Buyer’s Consolidation (sea freight consolidation for particular single purchaser) that combines both commercial and physical distribution and an equipment delivery and installation service for clients establishing new manufacturing facilities abroad. In the future KWE will not only strengthen these existing services but also provide a full range of ancillary services related to these activities.

 KWE is committed to providing its clients with a comprehensive range of sea freight services that take advantage of the synergies created between its sea and air freight forwarding, logistics and customs clearance services.