In today’s market environment many corporations are actively expanding their SCM (Supply Chain Management) on a global scale through strategies such as expanding their corporate client-base and overseas relocation of manufacturing hubs.

 KWE, as a part of its comprehensive freight forwarding operations or as a separate ancillary service, provides logistics services that include temporary warehousing before and after delivery in line with customs clearance timetabling as well as distribution processing such as sorting, labeling, packaging and product inspection.

 In recent years KWE’s clients have been increasingly using outsourcing with the aim of rationalizing distribution and reducing costs. KWE, centering on its Narita Terminal facility, now has a comprehensive network of distribution facilities both within Japan and abroad to provide these logistics services, with 19 of its distribution hubs having obtained TAPA certification.

 KWE, by integrating all of its 178 distribution facilities worldwide and through its industry leading IT systems, is committed to providing logistics of the highest quality to satisfy client needs.

 KWE, aiming to be a true “Global Logistics Partner”, continually asks itself “How can we provide optimum solutions from order to delivery?” and sees its mission as providing clients with the best possible product distribution solutions in order to maximize their corporate value.