Personal Information Privacy Policy

Personal Information Privacy Policy

 1 April 2005

 To whom it may concern,

 Dear Sir/Madam,

 Re: Personal Information Privacy Policy

 As of 1st April 2005, the law and regulations related to the privacy of personally identifying and personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”) were put into effect in Japan. Accordingly, we hereby submit our policy on treatment of Personal Information for your attention as follows:

Privacy Policy

 We at Kintetsu World Express, Inc. (“KWE”) are committed to safeguarding the privacy of your Personal Information.

 We, including our directors and employees, will abide by the law and regulations on Personal Information privacy as well as our internal guidelines and rules on business ethics and legal compliance, treat Personal Information securely, and make every effort to meet our stakeholders’ trust and confidence in matters related to Personal Information privacy.


Privacy Practices

 We engage in the following practices in order to implement our Privacy Policy:

  1. KWE’s directors and employees will abide by the law and regulations on Personal Information privacy.
  2. We adhere to our internal guidelines and rules on how we should treat Personal Information privacy and security in our relevant operations and systems.
  3. We periodically monitor and audit how Personal Information is treated within our organizations, and provide support and guidance for improvement in any case of need.
  4. We will obtain the support and cooperation of other companies within our group, related organizations and third-party service providers, in order to meet the goals of our Privacy Policy guidelines and rules.
  5. Our Personal Information Privacy Statement is always posted on our website(URL easy viewing.
  6. To ensure that our Personal Information privacy practices are fully Implemented, we have instituted The Board of Compliance within our organizations. Further, a person in charge of Personal Information security and privacy is appointed in each of our departments and offices. We will continuously provide employee education and guidance on our Privacy Policy and Practices.


Treatment of Personal Information

 We engage in the following practices in order to implement our Privacy Policy:

  1. Use of Personal Information
    We may collect certain Personal Information, subject to prior statement of our purposes of use of such Personal Information and any Personal Information proprietor’s agreement to our stated purposes. Such purposes are always within the scope of our business. Further, we may use or transfer our collected Personal Information within the extent of our stated and agreed purposes only.
  2. Protection of Personal Information Privacy
    We respect any person’s right to his or her Personal Information. Upon receiving a relevant request, we will revise or delete any Personal Information of its proprietor that we may retain, in a commercially appropriate and reasonable manner.
  3. Safeguarding mechanisms
    We will set and follow internal rules and regulations on how we protect, by way of safeguarding mechanisms, against any unlawful access to, damage or loss to, and destruction or unauthorized disclosure of, any Personal Information in our offices and systems.


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Inquiry on Personal Information Privacy

If you have any questions or request related to our treatment of Personal Information, contact the following:

The Board of Compliance Kintetsu World Express, Inc.
24th Fl, Shinagawa Intercity Tower A, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-6024 Japan

Nobutoshi Torii
President and Chief Executive Officer