Personal Information Privacy Policy

Personal Information Privacy Policy

KWE Group Personal Information Protection Policy

 The KWE Group (the “Group”) hereby stipulates the following policy on the handling of personal information with the aim of obtaining the confidence of all stakeholders such as customers as well as social trust, while being aware of its social obligation to protect personal information appropriately.

  1. All directors and employees of the Group shall manage, appropriately and securely, personal information handled for business operation purposes in compliance with the laws of each country on personal information protection as well as other relevant laws and regulations.
  2. The Group shall build a platform to manage personal information appropriately, develop the Internal Regulations on the handling of personal information and comply with the Internal Controls or Regulations.
  3. In order to manage personal information securely, the Group shall perform necessary measures such as information security measures and strive to improve Internal Controls continually.


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Inquiry on Personal Information Privacy

If you have any questions or request related to our treatment of Personal Information, contact the following:

The Board of Compliance Kintetsu World Express, Inc.
24th Fl, Shinagawa Intercity Tower A, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-6024 Japan

Nobutoshi Torii
President and Chief Executive Officer