KWE announces that Kintetsu Logistics (Vietnam) Inc. (“KLV”) will commence full-scale operations from January 1, 2008.

 In February 2007 KWE registered KLV as a logistics dedicated company. Since then the preparations to commence full-scale operations, including the construction of an independently owned warehouse in the Quang Minh Industrial Zone, Hanoi, Vinh Phuc Province, have been ongoing.

 With the construction of this warehouse facility now complete, KWE is pleased to announce that KLV will commence full-scale operations from January 1, 2008.

 The Quang Minh Industrial Zone, in which KLV’s new warehouse facility is located, already is a base for 14 Japanese corporations, such as automobile parts manufacturers. Future growth and an accompanying increase in distribution demand within the region are expected.

 An outline and the features of the newly constructed KLV warehouse facility are as follows:

  1. In Vietnam as a general rule, “There is one bonded operator per Industrial zone”. KLV is the only company to establish a bonded warehouse in the Quang Minh Industrial Zone.
  2. While there are a large number of companies renting warehouse space and conducting operations on an agency basis, KWE, through 100% ownership of this new warehouse facility and completely independent operations, is able to provide an extremely flexible service to satisfy customers’ needs.
  3. As customs examiners are on permanent assignment at the KLV warehouse, a speedy customs clearance service is possible.
  4. The new warehouse facility is in an extremely convenient location, being only 8km from Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi).
  5. Within the general cargo area and the bonded cargo area the warehouse facility has 3 and 5 truck docks respectively to handle JIT and VMI shipments.
  6. KLV’s own transport fleet includes 2 trailers and 4 trucks.
  7. Warehouse Facility Space: General Warehouse Space: 2,000㎡. Bonded Warehouse Space 3,000㎡ (Office space: 1,000㎡).
  8. Within the bonded cargo area there is 200㎡ of temperature controlled and low humidity space available.

 After China, Vietnam is the country with the most rapid ongoing establishment of manufacturing hubs by Japanese corporations. In line with this ongoing establishment, particularly in Northern Vietnam, there is a high demand for JIT (Just in Time) and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services.

 In March 2005 KWE changed its representative offices in Vietnam to locally registered companies. Presently our comprehensive Vietnam service network has 4 business sites, with 2 in Ho Chi Minh, 1 in Hanoi and 1 in Haiphong. Through the addition of KLV, KWE is aiming to further increase its high quality one-stop services.

Outline of the New Company

Name Kintetsu Logistics (Vietnam) Inc.(Abbreviated as: KLV)
Capital 2,000,000USD
Address 38G Quang Minh Industrial Zone Me Linh Dist., Vinh Phuc Province, S.R.Vietnam
President Toshihiko Shimamoto
Number of Employees 25 (Including one Japanese dispatched employee)
Business Details Business Details
Commencement of Business January 1, 2008