Medium-Term Management Plan

Goals and BackgroundOutlineNumerical TargetsKey Strategies and Policies
Strengthen Core Competences

Released on May 11, 2016 「Medium-Term Management Plan: ” Going to the Next Phase ! ”
 (FY ending March 2017 – FY ending March 2019)」
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Released on May 11, 2017 「Notice of Revised Targets of Medium-Term Management Plan」 icon_pdf(PDF file size:69K)

Released on May 11, 2018 「Notice of Revised Targets of Medium Term Management Plan」 icon_pdf(PDF file size:71K)

Notice of Differences between the Consolidated Earnings Forecasts and the Results for the First Six Months ended September 30, 2018, and Revision of Earnings Forecasts icon_pdf(PDF file size:121K)

■ Goals and Background of the Medium-Term Management Plan

Goals and Background

■ Outline of the Medium-Term Management Plan


■ Medium-Term Management Plan
 Results and Numerical Targets (Revised on November 8, 2018)

Numerical Targets

■ Medium-Term Management Plan Key Strategies and Policies

Corporate Key Strategies

1. Become an industry leader providing comprehensive services

  • Customer-centric culture:
    Solution-oriented, with variety of service options and quality enhancement by KWE & APLL group, seek for customer’s satisfaction and trust.

2. Actively respond to customers’ logistics needs at production locations and
    consumer markets

  • Make further contribution to customer’s diversified and sophisticated needs:
    Provide end-to-end solutions to customers in various industries and commodities.

3. Improve productivity by leveraging corporate capabilities

  • Steady success in business:
    To increase cargo volume handled, promote joint procurement with group companies.
  • Future consideration:
    Implementation of an outsourcing the operation by APLL group to apply to KWE group.


KWE Group Strategies

1. Focus on selected industry verticals

  • Automotive, Industrial, Consumer, Healthcare, Retail

2. Further volume growth in Trans-Pacific traffics and stable service with
    sufficient space capability

  • Promote from Asia to America / Europe businesses

3. Offshore (trilateral) business traffics

  • Focus on non-Japanese customers

4. Rapidly expand presence in emerging countries

  • ASEAN countries, India, Latin America and Eastern Europe

5. Maximize Synergy Effect

  • Cross-selling, Joint procurement for Sea Freight


APLL Group Strategies

1. Vertical Centric Approach

  • Automotive:
    Focus on finished vehicle logistics and after markets
  • Consumer:
    Focus on high-growth markets and Value- Added-Services
  • Industrials:
    Leverage proven solutions in Retail / Auto to drive growth
  • Retail:
    Innovate PO management and expand sales coverage outside of the U.S.

2. Specialized Solutions Provider

  • Enhance tool box (service menus) to provide end-to-end solutions Commercialize IT solutions and supply chain solutions

3. Synergies with KWE

  • Cross-selling, Joint procurement for Sea Freight

■ Strengthen Core Competences

1. Maximize efficient utilization of corporate resources

  • Rationalization of Corporate IT infrastructure
  • Establish programs for global recruitment and human resource development

2. Strengthen corporate risk management capabilities

  • Promote group risk management system

3. Heighten quality of operational performance

  • Promote operational standardization