1. Basic Policy

 Our policy is to disclose information swiftly to stakeholders via proactive public relations and IR activities based on transparency, fairness and continuity. The Company will disclose information in compliance with laws and regulations prescribed by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the stock exchanges. We will also proactively disclose other information considered to be useful for understanding the Company in a timely manner.


2. Methods to Disclose Information

 Certain information that must be disclosed under the Timely Disclosure Rules prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange will be disclosed by registering on the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet). After publicly announced via TDnet, such information will be posted on our website in a prompt manner. Other information not subject to the Timely Disclosure Rules will also be disclosed accurately and fairly via the Company’s website, etc. by considering the purpose of timely disclosure.


3. Earnings Forecasts and Future Perspectives

 Except for those related to the facts in the past and present, the Company’s plan, future outlook, and strategies are our plan or forecast based on the information currently available. Therefore, the actual results in the future may vary from those forecasts due to various risks, fluctuations in uncertain factors and change in the economic climate.


4. Quiet Period

 In order to prevent leakage of earnings information and ensure fairness, the Company has established a “Quiet Period” from the following day of the end of the accounting period (including quarterly period) through the release date.
During this period we do not answer to or make comments on inquiries related to the earnings results. In case there is a new possibility arises that the earnings forecast may be changed significantly during the period, we will make an appropriate public announcement in accordance with the Disclosure Rules. During the quiet period, we will respond to inquiries to the extent that such inquiries are related to the information already publicly announced.


5. Information Disclosure to Third Parties and Earnings Forecasts by Third Parties

 At individual meetings with institutional investors and security analysts, etc., the Company refers only to the facts that have already been disclosed, well-known facts or information on the general business environment, etc. In addition, we do not support any comments about the Company or earnings forecasts, etc. made by third parties.


6. Compliance with Disclosure Policy

 From the perspective of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Company ensures that officers and employees comply with Disclosure Policy mentioned above.