KWE believes that providing an environment where all employees can maximize their abilities will lead to the development of the company.

Education and training system for professional developmentCreating decent workplacesCommunication with the management
Consideration of health care and the working environmentFor an appropriate labor environmentInvolvement with the labor union

Education and training system for professional development

 KWE has established “Sunshine Step-up” to provide man-to-man business education for new employees in which senior colleagues who are appointed “Sunshine Trainers” play a leading role. Education under the system introduced, with the two aims of standardizing and pursuing the OJT program for junior employees and of assisting new employees to develop as a person, significantly contributes to the formation of careers of senior colleagues who are trainers as well as of new employees.

 Furthermore, KWE provides education according to class for the acquisition of knowledge and skills required for respective employees’ positions, every time employees are promoted to chief, assistant manager/manager, or other posts, in order to encourage them to nurture skills suitable for the responsibilities of their work.

 KWE, which is expanding its business all over the world, dispatches a number of junior employees to overseas group companies every year under the overseas trainee system established in 1979. Most of the employees who have experienced such training, after undergoing a variety of business experiences after returning home, leave again for new positions at overseas group companies and play active roles in positions of responsibility.

 On the other hand, KWE has been offering “Business Leader Global Training” every year since 2011 in order to select and develop as executive candidates proficiently skilled staff employed as local staff at overseas group companies. Employees recommended from various countries participate, regardless of nationality and gender, to deepen their understanding of KWE’s corporate climate and culture as well as to master practical management techniques including management strategies, marketing, and accounting and finance.

Creating decent workplaces

 KWE, under its assessment system, emphasizes the point where “How much individual abilities are exerted to yield maximum results” more than a mere “performance-based policy.” Every time “Challenge Interviews” between superiors and subordinates are held, which are conducted six times per year, the progress of achievement of their goals is painstakingly reviewed. KWE aims to motivate its employees and attain higher performance by preparing an environment in which employees can exert their abilities. Moreover, with the submission of a “Self-Declaration” once a year, we strive to collect information on employee wishes for their careers and so forth, and that they want to share with the Company.

Communication with the management

 To further improve communications between the management and employees, KWE continues to expend the following efforts:

[Sunshine Meeting]

 KWE intends to more thoroughly convey its business purpose and management policies, and listen to opinions at worksites and make the best use thereof for management, with officer and executive officer’s visits to departments to speak directly to employees.

Consideration of health care and the working environment

 To enable employees to enjoy soundness of mind and body, and stimulating work, we expend the following efforts to enhance health care and the working environment for employees:

  • Promote receipt of periodical medical checkups (once a year)
  • Mental health measures (establishment of a consultation counter)
  • Develop measures to control infectious diseases such as a new type of influenza, and pay subsidies for inoculation
  • Consultations by industrial physicians (workers who work long hours etc.)
  • Medical checkups at the time of leaving for a new position abroad, while taking up a new position abroad and at the time of returning to his/her post, and health counseling service over the phone available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Pay subsidies for undergoing a thorough physical examination
  • Environmental measurement in a business establishment

For an appropriate labor environment

 To ensure reduction in working hours, the Human Resource Department monitors the attendance system to make a list of employees whose working hours have reached a specified working hour quota and over during the middle ten days of every month, and gain the attention of superiors at their workplaces. In the case of an excess of the criterion hours at the end of the month, the Human Resource Department and the labor union visit the workplace and conduct a hearing with a superior and the person concerned to examine a cause and measures, and review the state of implementation of measures afterwards. In this manner, with labor and management continuing to conduct steady activities as one, we are committed to improving the working environment.

Involvement with the labor union

 The KWE labor union was established in 1970. With 707 union members (as of July 1, 2015), two full-time persons, a president and a chief secretary, play a key role in the operation. With a view towards being an employee-friendly Company for all, by lively exchanging opinions between labor and management at a central labor-management council (once a month), round-table branch conferences between labor and management (twice a year), etc., we endeavor to reflect employee opinions on management.