The KWE Group is engaged in social contribution activities such as environmental protection, welfare, and cultural support. Such activities involved 14 corporations and 47 projects in the fiscal year of 2018.

Contributions by KWE IndiaContributions by KWE Thailand

Contributions by KWE India

imageKWE India supports a project to promote girls’ education called the “Girl’s Glory project” hand in hand with a local non-government organization. In order to improve the hygiene environment inside the elementary schools, we set up flush toilets. We also provide clothes and school bags for children to wear for schools.


Contributions by KWE Thailand

image KWE Thailand is engaged in ongoing activities that contribute to people’s living environment and society. It has planned and realized donation activities under the theme of “Old For You But New For Me” (reclaiming unneeded goods for new purposes). Unused clothes and toys from employees or prepared new shoes and towels were delivered to local schools and communities in need of assistance.