KWE aims to be a company that can build and maintain the trust of its shareholders and investors.

Key Policy for IR ActivitiesDissemination of IR InformationCommunications with Our Shareholders and Investors

Key Policy for IR Activities

 KWE enhances corporate value through its business activities, and makes an effort to disclose the information in a timely and proactive manner based on the principles of transparency, fairness and continuity. We willingly disclose not only information in compliance with relevant laws, regulations and ordinances, but information we believe is important for the public to understand the Group better and to build trust with our shareholders and investors.

Dissemination of IR Information

 Corporate and financial information is duly disclosed in the summary of financial results, financial statements, annual reports, data books, results briefing materials, newsletters to shareholders, etc.

 To communicate effectively with individual investors, we have provided the “Investor Relations” section on our website for an investor to view relevant information. In addition, we have posted comments by the President on the most current operating results or business strategies in the “CEO Message” section while our business activities, namely KWE Group’s services are described in an easy-to-understand “KWE You Understand through Video.”

Dissemination of IR Information

Communications with Our Shareholders and Investors

 We organize the financial results briefings twice a year (November and May) to report the first-half year and full-year financial results, respectively, and to describe our management policy to share with financial analysts and institutional investors.

 In addition, we also hold a briefing for individual investors to create an opportunity for face-to-face dialogue with individual investors.

 On top of this, our President offers an explanation on our management policy at the end of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders so that shareholders may be able to deepen their understanding of the company.


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