Kintetsu Logistics Systems, Inc.

Kintetsu Logistics Systems, Inc.It has been established since 2002 October, as a domestic transport/logistics company in Japan, independing from KWE.
They concentrate on only domestic market strongly.


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Kintetsu Transtech, Inc.

Kintetsu Transtech, Inc.They are specialist of transportation and installment of semiconductor manufacturing machines and other precision equipment (including packing and unpacking), as well as handling of insurance , real estate related services.


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Kintetsu Cosmos, Inc.

Kintetsu Cosmos, Inc.A personal resource company, especially for transport and export/import companies.


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Kintetsu World Express Sales, Inc.

Kintetsu World Express Sales, Inc.They handle of exhibition/event shipments including its transport and installment, as well as hand-carry shipments.


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Kintetsu World Express Shikoku, Inc.

 An airfreight and ocean freight company, concentrating on Shikoku area in Japan.



Kintetsu Panasonic Trading Service Co.,Ltd

Kintetsu Panasonic Trading Service Co.,LtdIt is a company performing overall import and export, intermediary trade procedure of the Panasonic group.


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