KWE to further improve its services on a global basis divides its operations into five regions to increase both operations efficiency and speed.

(as of Mar. 2020)


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Japan (Kintetsu World Express, Inc. and 6 other companies)

Japan  Within Japan, centering on international air and ocean freight forwarding as well as logistics services, KWE continues its operations expansion. At present it boasts 32 distribution facilities with the Narita Terminal, No.4 Baraki Terminal and others having acquired ISO quality and environment as well as TAPA (A-class) certifications. Through utilization of superior global information systems that make possible the provision of a one-stop service encompassing air and ocean freight forwarding as well as logistics services, it is the driving force behind KWE group’s worldwide operations.

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The Americas Region

The Americas Region KWE established its first U.S registered company in Chicago in 1969. Since then through active expansion of sales activities aimed at U.S companies, this region has become a strong pillar on which the KWE group continues to expand its foreign capital based corporations. At present, handling a broad range of products including semiconductor related parts, digital home appliances, medical equipment and automobile parts, KWE has also launched an inter-continental transport service with hubs in Los Angeles and Chicago. In the future, KWE will focus on expanding its comprehensive logistics services including those in Canada.

【Service Topics】

  • Domestic transport service from L.A and Chicago. Rapid transport service to the mid-west.

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Europe, Middle East and Africa

Europe, Middle East and Africa In 1985 KWE established locally registered companies in both the U.K. and Germany. Subsequently in 1995, KWE became one of the first companies in the industry to establish a locally registered company in Russia. Following on from this establishment KWE set up offices in both Nakhodka and Saint-Petersburg in 2005 and later also established company in the Czech Republic. KWE is actively engaged in establishing comprehensive service systems and infrastructure not only in Russia but also in Central and Eastern Europe. In terms of airfreight forwarding KWE has established distribution hubs in both Frankfurt and Amsterdam and in addition has a ocean freight forwarding hub in the major European port of Rotterdam.


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East Asia and Oceania

East Asia and Oceania In April 1969, KWE (Hong Kong) was established as KWE’s first overseas corporation. In 1985 KWE’s first representative office commenced operations in Beijing and at present, KWE now has the most comprehensive independent service network in China. Based on the inherent strengths provided by its comprehensive and high quality domestic transport network and logistics services within China, KWE will in the future, centering around the growth of its one-stop service that combines both air and sea transport, continue to expand operations within this region.


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South East Asia

g-network_img_esa  KWE’s operations network, centering on Singapore and Malaysia. As emerging markets, where a great future demand for freight distribution services is expected, KWE established its first locally registered companies in India in 1997 and in Vietnam in 2004. Within Asia, this is a region that KWE expects will provide strong future revenues on the back of booming demands for distribution services.



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