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Valuable Logistics

Global Logistics Partner

The comprehensive performance of logistics on behalf of the cargo owner by another party is known as "Third party Logistics (3PL)". KWE is able to provide great benefits to its clients through strategic management of "Procurement", "Manufacturing", "Sales" and "Distribution". Through utilizing its wealth of experience and 3PL know-how, KWE receives commissions not just for transport and warehousing duties but for a comprehensive distribution service, that in addition to the above also includes cargo handling, distribution processing and inventory management to improve client's level of service and cost efficiencies. To meet the needs of cargo owners, KWE proposes optimum distribution systems and based on those proposals creates and implements systems that are highly praised by its clients.

KWE, through providing a complete distribution package that includes warehousing, distribution processing, international transport, customs clearance and delivery as well as total management services for all these areas, aims to be a "Global Logistics Partner" providing global logistics solutions to create the supply chain that best suits each client's needs.

Supply Chain Management

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